Most Viewed Wikipedia Articles in 2022

Towards the end of each year, I gather statistics on the most viewed Wikipedia articles of the year. This helps me understand what topics captured the largest collective attention and gives me a chance to reflect on the major public events of the past year. Without further ado, here is the list of the most viewed articles on the English Wikipedia in 2022 with the number of times each article has been viewed during the year:

2Jeffrey Dahmer54,010,852
32022 Russian invasion of Ukraine50,314,503
4Deaths in 202246,512,168
52022 FIFA World Cup46,435,339
6Elizabeth II43,566,103
8Elon Musk27,875,674
9Vladimir Putin25,464,698
12Cristiano Ronaldo22,693,305
13Skathi (moon)22,445,809
14Lionel Messi21,708,035
15Johnny Depp19,897,324
List of most viewed Wikipedia articles in 2022

The statistics seem to accurately reflect the major events of 2022, with a couple of notable exceptions. It’s interesting to see that Cleopatra has been so widely read about on Wikipedia. Do you have any ideas as to why that might be the case?

Here is the list of the top 100 articles with the largest viewership:

Published by Taha Yasseri

Associate Professor, School of Sociology, University College Dublin

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