User engagement with Micro-lessons on Khan Academy

A few years ago, one of our MSc students at the Oxford Internet Institute and I analysed some log data (aka big data) that Khan Academy had kindly shared with us. We wanted to see how course-takers interact with videos and quizzes. The analyses were fruitful and the results were interesting (for example, there areContinue reading “User engagement with Micro-lessons on Khan Academy”

How sex work has been affected by the pandemic

In the months before the pandemic, I was involved in an extensive piece of research into the sex work industry in the UK. Focusing on the main online market for sex work in the UK, AdultWork, we analysed the profiles of more than 11,500 sex workers to understand the industry and how it operates online.Continue reading “How sex work has been affected by the pandemic”

Dominic Cummings: how the internet knows when you’ve updated your blog

When Dominic Cummings made a public statement to explain why he drove 260 miles to stay with his parents during the coronavirus lockdown, the prime Minister’s chief adviser made an assertion that initially went largely unnoticed: For years, I have warned of the dangers of pandemics. Last year I wrote about the possible threat ofContinue reading “Dominic Cummings: how the internet knows when you’ve updated your blog”